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AI Photo Booth

What is an AI Photo Booth?

🎸🎤**Ever Dreamed of Being a Rockstar or Flying Like Superman?**🚀🦸‍♂️

AI Photo Booths merge generative AI with event photography, turning ordinary selfies into themed, styled AI portraits.

Think, instant snapshots and live sharing, but instead of the traditional, boring output, your guests get a highly imaginative photo that’s like a snapshot from their very dreams. We combine your guests’ unique features with any custom output style to create a one-in-a-billion shot that captures who they are in a whole new light.


Our AI photo booth for events enables event marketers to create their own custom AI portrait studio, which opens the door to creative, on-brand content guests can share. Our entire AI experience is LIVE. This means guests can walk away with their picture sent within seconds or minutes.


Rental Rates​

  • 2 hour minimum $800

  • Each additional hour - $150/hour

Steps for Booking





Check availability for your date by calling (831) 421-2462 or by filling out our contact form.

After confirming availability, you will be sent a rental agreement which must be filled out and returned to us either by email or regular mail. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the total cost will need to be included to officially reserve your date.

You may pay the deposit by check mailed with your rental agreement or by credit card via paypal. Your date will not be saved until we receive the agreement and deposit.

The final balance will be due at the time of the event or can be pre-paid if you would like.

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